Planned Parenthood’s Absolute Moral Corruption Comes From One Source… Satan

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The following is from an email blast sent out by Judie Brown of American Life League. It is reposted to the blog to educate our readers and followers. It is used with the permission of the original author. 

Since the 1970s, ALL has been engaged in trying to awaken the soul of Americans to the truth about the horror of abortion and the absolute evil of Planned Parenthood.

What is it going to take to wake people up? What is the malaise, the fog, the blinder that just keeps people of good will numb and passive to the avalanche of moral depravity and corruption that is swallowing this great nation?

No one wants to know that answer, because they don’t believe it or they refuse to accept it.

It is the devil.

In this generation, the devil is unleashed and its just too easy and comfortable for the average American citizen to shrug his or her shoulders, turn away his or her head, and allow evil to go unchecked.

No one wants to be uncomfortable. No one wants to be called a bigot, or a racist, or the latest greatest term attached to “phobe.”

It’s all meant to silence and intimidate us so that the devil has a clear lane.

The devil is working to destroy virtue in America and continue the slaughter of babies unchecked—to kill the sick and the elderly and the suffering out of “convenience,” unchecked; to destroy and confuse God’s design for human sexuality, unchecked; to corrupt and kill the souls of our children and young adults, unchecked; to have Catholic politicians, judges, priests, teachers, and those most in the public eye of popular culture who have influence on society, openly and without shame or fear of correction, corrupt and destroy the truth of the natural law and Catholic teaching on faith and morals. And they do so with zero — zero — hesitation

And, ladies and gentlemen, the devil unchecked is doing just that with these people.

The prophet Isaiah referred to them as “Those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness to light, and light into darkness.”

The devil is intelligent and using these people to willingly do his bidding.

They are Catholic men and women fighting every day to defend and continue funding Planned Parenthood and their murderous and corrupt practices.

They get away with this because many Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals turn a blind eye, failing to correct evil and teach truth. These people intentionally and knowingly subvert the truth of Christ. They despise faithful Catholics and are filled with hatred.

The great hope of the devil and his legion is that we cower in silence and do nothing.

If you are reading this, do not let that happen.

We have got to be visible, virile, and virtuous. Catholic saints and martyrs have died standing and fighting against the very things that are being embraced and celebrated today by the culture of death and Planned Parenthood.

The “anti-saints” who call themselves Catholic and have devoted their lives to opposing the Church’s teachings and advancing death and moral corruption need your prayers, for their only hope is a miraculous conversion because their home in hell awaits with open arms.

The truth is, they are a distraction. Armed with the power of prayer, the intercession of our Blessed Mother and the conviction of our own time and effort, we must engage head on, every day. The victory is ours if we are willing to pay the price.

We walk by faith, not by sight.

Here is who we are, here is how your support of ALL battles this filth head on.

American Life League travels the country teaching communities and associate pro-life groups how to close Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

We teach communities how to prevent Planned Parenthood from opening abortion mills in their areas.

We teach communities how to kick the corrupt vile soul-destroying filth of Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs out of their school districts.

We presented a detailed report to Rome asking Pope Francis and his cardinals to declare Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Catholic Church.

We have an exhaustive array of resources available to any person or group on every subject matter that exists as it relates to abortion, euthanasia, birth control, etc.

We publish the nation’s only pro-life magazine, Celebrate Life!

We do so much …and we need your help.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This summer, we are in multiple communities working to prevent Planned Parenthood from opening death mills. This is one specific example and your support is vital.

We are counting on you not only to pray for this great work but also to support it with your contributions.

Every dollar you give to American Life League goes directly to battle evil — to save lives and to convert souls.

The summer is the absolute toughest time to raise the funds we need to move forward.

Folks are busy and times are hard. But today — help me (please).

Help me fight.

My staff engages every hour of every day in the battle to end abortion and fight evil and end Planned Parenthood’s reign of terror.

Today, if you can give $8, $48 or $800, we beg you to do so. We need your help and your prayers.

Do not lose hope. Pray often and support ALL as we battle for the soul of America.

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