Reflection: Out of Touch Liberal Hollywood- Why It’s Important to Change the Culture?


It seems that there was a recent headline of a threat, from a well-known broadcasting company, to boycott Georgia after a pro-life bill was signed into law. Read more about the article here.


It seems that 90% of what we watch on television, at the movies, or stream from our phones, have made us squirm or even walk away with our heads hanging low. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “What can we do to change it?”

A simple solution and it goes to those who are creative and have aspirations to shift the way we entertain while cultivating a message of life and love in accordance with the gospel.

Sadly, our industry is okay with entertainment that gives us the message that men should be wimps, both men and women can live a promiscuous lifestyle, and that the Catholic Church teachings are irrelevant. For what it’s worth, I AM SICK OF IT!

We are to use our creative skills to promote the messages that our culture has craved. It is starving for truth. You won’t find satisfaction from a company, like ABC. It may be intimidating, but we must challenge the entertainment industry if we want quality, family-fun entertainment that can make us think and actually entertain us.

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