Calling All Prayer Warriors! Please Join Pro-Life Berks at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pennsylvania

The following is from an email I received from Kathy Kuhns and the Pro-Life Berks Board of Directors looking for volunteers to join them in their Prayer Project (see previous article on this project here and read the Guidlines listed below) as well as other information from their weekly updates.  

Praying Hands

Calling all prayer warriors!  It’s time to start praying at Reading Planned Parenthood for the new Prayer Project.  We’re asking God to close Reading Planned Parenthood and end abortion here.   We need several hundred people to commit to praying at RPP every day of the week!  We’re facing very great evil as you know. RPP still does abortions after 20 years.  Please let Pastor Joe know you will be praying, and if you are planning on a set time each week (a half hour is fine), let him know that as well.  Pastor Joe:  jsclafani@

The first 30 people to sign up and commit to praying in the Prayer Project will receive a free t-shirt!  We’ll also be getting signs for you to hold and handouts.

Last week at Reading Planned Parenthood (RPP) there were 11 of us there when the abortionist arrived. (Thanks to Tome and Sue Taylor for bringing some young people from their church).    The abortionist shows little emotion, but at least he knows we’re praying for him and the babies.   RPP had there rainbow flag out again last wee, but not this week.  This week the new faces, and a few older ones, of the workers arrived.  They sure have a turnover of workers.  The abortionist came at his usual time.  Business was rather slow, thanks be to God, only a few who seemed abortion – minded entered.

If you have extra time to pray at RPP, please consider Wednesday morning, when the hazardous waste truck comes to pick up the boxed dead babies and other bloody trash to be taken to the incinerator for burning.  Pray for the souls of the babies and for this company, and it’s workers, to stop doing business with Reading Planned Parenthood.   I’ve been able to sprinkle holy water on the boxes a few times and talk to the driver,  so you can too.

Don’t forget to tune in to Pro-Life Berks on BCTV, Monday, Aug 19th, 8 PM,   Guests, the McFaddens.  Great story to tell!

Praise God that the movie, Unplanned, now on DVD, is number one!  So many people reached by this movie.


Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

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