40 Days for Life Campaign Preview: Philadelphia Women’s Center


It’s that time of the year. Schools will be back in session. Retailers will gear up for the final quarter of sales. Summer air and heat will transition into the cool, crisp autumn air. Unfortunately, the innocent unborn will continue to be slaughtered in Philadelphia. The solution is 40 Days for Life Campaign. The campaign at the largest non- Planned Parenthood affiliate, now in its sixth campaign, will take place once again.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Philadelphia Women’s Center performed 6,437 abortions in 2018. The majority of the abortions are done on black babies. Where is the outrage from the city of Brotherly Love?  Why do Black Lives Matters on all stages but conception? How can we stop these many children being led to the slaughter at an abortion facility that sits five floors above a day-care?

The answer is prayer, fast, love, mercy, boldness, truth, and courage. With each of them, I know that people will be more aware of this chop shop and eventually hit it where it hurts.

Pro-Lifers are encouraged to sign up for vigil hours here.

Encourage your friends, family, groups, and even those who are looking to be more involved with this campaign.

Note: This facility is located at 777 Appletree and has no connection with Planned Parenthood. They have a facility along the eastern seaboard in cities such as Hartford, Atlanta, and New York. The vigil hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 8AM-3PM. There is a regular Saturday vigil from 6:30AM to 8AM. All pro-lifers living in the Philadelphia area are encouraged to take part in the vigil during and after the 40 Days campaign. 

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