Fall 2019 40 Days Preview: Planned Parenthood (Center City)


The second 40 Days for Life Vigil will take place outside of the largest Planned Parenthood in the Keystone State. The 40 Days Vigil was first introduced there in the Fall of 2014 thanks to the efforts and diligence of Dr. Monique Ruberu. 5 turnarounds took place during the inaugural campaign.

Recently the facility made national headlines when State Rep. Brian Sims harassed pro-lifers and even dox his supporters in the location and names of four teenage girls who prayed outside of the facility this past spring. Read more here and how the father of teenage girls responded here

One appalling fact that cannot be denied is how this facility has failed 13 state inspections, yet it kills 4,000 babies a year.

Center City

Even a thousand people showed up to stand against bullying days after the videos of Brian Sims verbally harassing peaceful pro-lifers went viral. While the peaceful pro-life community came together to condemn the now-disgraced Rep. Brian Sims, The escorts and volunteers of Planned Parenthood refuse to denounce him

Aren’t we fed up with the lies Planned Parenthood has filled in our culture? Isn’t it time we, concerned Christians, who want to show love to women in their hour of great need that enough is enough? Is there a solution to stopping the murders in our city?

There is a solution. It is you and me. We can turn the tide in the City of Brotherly Love. We cannot let this atrocity continue in the city where the first inalienable right known as life which was given to all Americans since 1776. The right to life is not for some, but it is for all people from womb to tomb.


The vigil hours outside of this abortion facility are from Monday to Saturday 8AM to 4PM. The campaign begins on Wednesday, September 25th and ends on All Souls Day (Saturday, November 2nd). Mondays and Tuesdays are appointment days. Surgical abortions take place between Wednesdays to Saturdays. This facility also issues the chemical abortion pill RU-482.

If you are reading this post and wondering how someone with no experience can prepare to shower love to women entering these abortion facilities, then you may want to check out sidewalk servants 

We will also post the link to prayer suggestions while outside of the abortion facility at a later time.

To sign up for hours, visit here


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