Catholic Prayer Recommendations When Outside of Abortion Facility


A group of Catholics praying outside of Planned Parenthood in Center City during Stand Against Bullying Rally. 5/10/19

I have heard a question recently that I thought may help many pro-lifers, especially if you are Catholic, to know what to pray while outside of an abortion facility. For many, they pray every mystery of the rosary. Others are unsure of what to do. Here is a guide of some recommended prayers to say while taking part in a pro-life vigil. Pray for a full hour. Heck, make it two. Your goal when you pray outside of Planned Parenthood or any abortion facility is to ask for God, his angels, and his saints to 1) pour out their protection over you from the snares of the devil and other rebel spirits. 2) intercede for mothers in their hour of great need 3) to save the lost soul who is trapped in the abortion facility.

Prayer is the ammunition needed for your spiritual weapons in the battle against abortion. Know that your prayers never go unanswered.

Note: I have included a link for each prayer mention. I encourage you all to create a prayer book and use it when you have a group with you during your next prayer vigil.


1) Fr. Frank Pavone wrote meditations on all twenty mysteries of the rosary. Visit Priests for Life Mysteries of the Rosary

2) Another way of praying the rosary and it has been very powerful from seasoned pro-lifers is the Flame of Rosary. I wrote a blog post that breaks down how to pray it alone and even in a group. Note the added line that was inserted in the second half of the Hail Mary.

3) The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has published a guide on a pro-life rosary that includes a meditation before each Hail Mary along with the intention for each decade.

4) I normally recommend the Patriotic Rosary whenever you are outside during major holidays that relate to American history (Memorial Day, Flag Day, etc.)

5) A woman from Project Rachel wrote a beautiful meditation book for every mystery of the rosary that includes powerful meditations prior to each Hail Mary. It is available on Amazon here

If you’re interested in praying the rosary in Latin, here is the guide here


EWTN has several litanies that you can pray on the recommend days such as Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Loreto, and others. You can visit EWTN and find litanies.

Fr. Frank Pavone wrote The Litany in Response to Abortion and it is very powerful to pray either during the vigil or prior to a pro-life mass.

Another faithful priest wrote a powerful pro-life litany that many have not heard of until I posted it on one of my previous blog posts.

Claire Swaniski of the Catholic Feminist wrote The Litany of Life that was featured on her own podcast. It is more in line with the consistent life ethic, but I highly recommend it.


Divine Mercy is definitely my go-to during prayer vigils. You have the regular version. You may also want to include the traditional prayers for the opening and closing of the chaplet from the diary of St. Faustina.

The other version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet is the patriotic version. In place of Have mercy on us, you will insert the fifty states of the union. For example, “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on Alabama, and on the whole world.”

A Pro-Life Chaplet that I recommend is the Chaplet of the Unborn. It is a powerful short chaplet that has promises such as a mother contemplating abortion will change her mind.

My patron saint (St. Michael) has a chaplet of his own. Learn about it here

Other prayer devotions

Stations of the Cross- You’re out praying on a Friday? It’s a good day to pray the 14 stations. One version has meditations written by Priests for Life.

You can also pray it like a rosary, including a 15th station for the chair of St. Peter. Be sure to include an Act of Contrition before the Apostle’s Creed.

Here’s also a guide to Chaplet of the Stations of the Cross

Here’s a link to other prayers for different Marian titles and saints you can pray

These are just the many prayers I recommend for your vigil. Prayer is the pillar of the pro-life movement. Use it.


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