Take Action! New Jersey Democratic Leaders & Governor Murphy Plan to Fund Planned Parenthood

Below is an urgent message for those who live in New Jersey from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of the New Jersey Right to Life. 

Please take a few moments to contact your two Assembly Members and State Senator to vote NO to funding Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars. Suggest they give the 8.8 million  they are planning to give Planned Parenthood to local pregnancy helps centers where women actually receive the help they need. 


Defund Planned Parenthood

As as you know, Planned Parenthood has refused  to comply with the new Title X regulations which require that in order to continue receiving federal tax dollars they can no longer refer, or counsel for abortion  as a method of family planning. It also requires they physically separate their abortion facilities from their  family planning services locations.

Please take action immediately!

Please click on the link to the story below to find out more about this scheme and then call and email your 2 Assembly Members and State Senator NOW and tell them to Vote No on any measure to use taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion  business. As indicated, they are going to try to vote on this measure some time in September. Please  share this with all pro life friends and family and individuals  who don’t want their tax dollars to fund abortion.

You can find and search for your 3 state legislators  here

Here is a link to the NJ.com story

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