Franciscan Friar Shines Christ Love in Big Apple While Battling Hate

Fr. Fidelis

The following is a blog post from Theresa Bonopartis, who runs a page called “Reclaiming Our Children”. In the post below, he shares how a heroic priest is not backing down from being a voice for the voiceless in New York. It is posted to get our readers interested in being more involved with the pro-life movement, especially in prayer vigils outside of abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

Father Fidelis Moscinski, CFR, walked out of a church in lower Manhattan the first Saturday in March as he does every first Saturday, to lead a rosary procession marking the beginning of an annual, internationally-coordinated pro-life campaign called 40 Days for Life to Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Center two blocks away on Bleecker Street. Held twice a year, 40 Days is scheduled to begin again on September 25, 2019.

As was usual, the procession that morning was greeted by pro-abortion protestors angrily chanting “This church harasses women!”. What was different, was the protestors holding a large sign showing a picture of the priest being arrested for participating in a Red Rose Rescue accompanied by their screams of, “Hey, Moscinski, why do you hate women?”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While participating in Red Rose Rescue, the action depicted on the sign, Father Fidelis Moscinski makes his way into the abortion clinic. Once inside, he enters the waiting room where he sits down next to a woman waiting to have an abortion, hands her a red rose, and begins speaking to her quietly about the life inside her. For this, Father Moscinski is called a terrorist by pro-abortionists, and now, is being accused of hating women.
Father Moscinski and others who participate in “Red Rose Rescues,” as the quiet interventions are called, pay a price for their activism – a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal he has been arrested several times and has court cases still pending. But in a country where the abortion lobby has made it all but impossible to combat abortion on the ground, Moscinski and others say they can’t stand idly by while the silent slaughter continues.

Father Moscinski is a quiet, gentle and humble priest that I’ve personally known and worked with for more than 20 years. While it’s no surprise that the pro-abortion side is trying to portray him as a terrorist who harasses and hates women, the truth is the priest I know is far from the person they’d have us believe he is.

As a post-abortive woman who has worked in healing ministry for almost thirty years, I have seen the real terrorism of abortion in the destruction of countless lives of mothers, fathers, and siblings.

I’ve seen the dead body of my own son burnt to death by saline solution, yet those who kill the innocent unborn and participate in these real acts of terror have been quick to throw the terrorist label on this soul who is always there to help a woman in need whether it is before or after an abortion.

Since the passage of Roe vs Wade in 1973, 60 million unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion, which is now presented as a normal part of women’s reproductive health care. Look no further than the coffee table book, “Shout Your Abortion,” where the killing is portrayed as normal and celebrated with cakes, poems, marches, and testimonies.

The truth is, abortion is anything but normal.

Abortion not only takes the life of an unborn child; it causes grave suffering to millions of women and men. In fact, seven women were taken by ambulance from the Margaret Sanger Center over the past few months. And, even the pro-abortion research organization, the Guttmacher Institute, acknowledges abortion has a psychological impact.

While abortion is presented as a woman’s choice and right, we never hear about the great number of cases in which abortion isn’t a woman’s choice, the cases where women cave to pressure from boyfriends, husbands, parents or others. Nor is there ever outrage from the pro-abortion side when pregnant women are faced with violence and even killed because they do not want to abort. In fact, the new law removes criminal penalties for illegal abortion procedures from the state’s penal code and rolls back requirements that abortion itself must be performed by a medical doctor.

So, why does Father Fidelis risk arrest and conviction? Because, unlike a large percentage of our society, he’s not blind to the truth of what is 
happening in our country.

While the women in the clinic waiting room are presented with roses, the Red Rose Rescue itself is a thorn in the side of the pro-abortion movement because it exposes the truth of what is going on, not women’s health care but the killing of innocent human life.

Did you fail to rescue those who were being dragged off to death,*
those tottering, those near death, because you said, “We didn’t know about it”?
Surely, the Searcher of hearts knows and will repay all according to their deeds Proverbs 24: 11-12

In the words of Father to the court we hear:

A unique human individual begins to exist at the moment of conception. In a sane, civilized society that new human being would have his or her right to life clearly recognized in the law. But we do not live in a sane, civilized society. Since Roe v Wade in 1973, we live in a nation that has permitted the legal destruction of millions of innocent children.

As a Catholic priest, I say to this Court that abortion is murder and no law or court decision can make legitimate what is intrinsically evil. Legalized abortion is an abomination in the eyes of Almighty God.

Now is the time for all of us to repent of our complicity in this national evil. It is time to seek forgiveness from God, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is not too late to turn away from sin and begin to respect the gift of life and the laws of God. “

In the end, for Fr Fidelis, it is about saving defenseless babies that are condemned to death for no reason of their own.
It is about the mothers and fathers, who become lost to God because of abortion and longing to bring them to Gods love and mercy.
It is about the abortionists and the clinic workers, who have become blind to what they are doing and through the rescue may obtain the grace to think it about in truth.
It is about guards in the attire of law enforcement as they are called to task in facing who it is, they are arresting and dragging out of the clinic and why.
It is about being the face of Christ in a world where the crowds jump for joy for abortion crying all too often “Crucify Him”, as they seek the death of the unborn.
It is about calling the Pontius Pilates to task in the judges, by not allowing them to wash their hands of the matter in peace but to have to face what it is they are protecting.
It is about this priest being called to be a witness to the truth
It is about laying down your life willingly for that truth, and goodness and love. Sacrificing personal freedom in order to be the face of Christ in a disordered world where innocent babies die every day without a word and millions of others live their lives with the consequences.

Yes, we sadly are deaf to the voices of the unborn being slaughtered every day. Does Father Fidelis hate women? Not the Father Fidelis I know and work with, in fact, I would say he often loves them more than they love themselves.

Hopefully, through the silent solidarity of Father Fidelis and others who peacefully, nonviolently and prayerfully lay down their lives we will finally take heed and hear their cries.

*** Let us pray that many more courageous priest follow his example to challenge our culture and lead those to Christ.

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