A Special Request – Notes of Encouragement for Ryan Magers

I was recently contacted by the lawyer who represents, Ryan Magers,  the young man who filed a ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit against the Alabama Women’s Center, the abortion facility who killed his unborn child.  This lawsuit, which gained national attention, has recently been dismissed. (see links to articles from Fox News on this lawsuit below)

As you can probably imagine,  Ryan is very disappointed in this ruling and his attorney, Brent Helms,  would like us to contact Ryan (through him)  and give him some words of encouragement.  Below is the message sent by Mr. Helms.  I ask that you read his request and send Ryan a note of support.  This young man took on the abortion industry and he needs to know that we stand with him in his efforts to get justice for his unborn child.  


Ryan Magers


from Brent Helms, Attorney for Ryan Magers:

I am lead counsel for Ryan Magers, the young man in Alabama suing the abortion clinic that terminated the life of his unborn child.

Ryan’s case was recently dismissed by a judge in the lowest state court in Alabama. We, as Ryan’s legal team, expected a dismissal. Ryan did not. The dismissal has been hard on him, as have been the critics. Ryan needs support, strength, and words of encouragement.

For the first time in the history of the U.S., we opened an estate for an unborn aborted six-week-old child and sued the clinic that terminated its life. That unborn child we refer to as Baby Roe was granted personhood.

That, too, was a first in America. The Alabama Supreme Court is comprised of a majority of judges willing to protect the unborn. No judge, to my knowledge, has written more about or done more to protect the unborn than Chief Justice Parker of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Ryan’s legal team believes, as to do many intelligent and well-known legal scholars, that Chief Justice Parker and the Alabama Supreme Court are poised to rule in Ryan’s favor.

All that said, Ryan has not made a final decision as to whether he wishes to appeal the judge’s decision. He’s been bombarded by those who would continue to terminate the lives of the unborn. He’s tired and maybe a little afraid.

 He needs your help! I’d like to ask a favor. Please encourage your group and their family and friends (and their groups, churches, etc.) to write an email or send a card or letter to Ryan. The more support he gets, the more likely he’ll be to stand up and fight.

I encourage you (and give you express permission) to share my email address (brent@helmslawgroup.com) and physical address (13 Sycamore Lane, Albertville, Alabama 35950) with everyone you know.

Please ask them to reach out to Ryan and provide words of encouragement, strength, and support. Please feel free to call my office to verify that this email is authentic. Thank you in advance for your assistance. It is appreciated.

March 6th article from Fox News: Alabama judge allows teen to sue on behalf of aborted fetus

September 5th article from Fox News:  Alabama judge throws out teen’s lawsuit against abortion clinic on behalf of aborted child



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