Study: Men are Hurt By Abortion


Ryan Magers

Last week a study was released by BBC on the effects of abortion among men. The following was shared by Students for Life Action’s Matt Lamb.

BBC published an article last night that is overall balanced on the issue of abortion and touches on a topic that the mainstream media isn’t likely to cover; the effects of abortion on men.

They write, “After the rage has dissipated, after overcoming alcoholism as a coping mechanism, even after a new and beautiful family comes on the scene, a great sadness still persists – and likely always will. That’s the message from men talking about their experiences of abortion, a voice rarely heard among the passionate multitudes in the US abortion debate, though abortion rights supporters argue that this group is an outlier and does not speak for the majority of men involved in an abortion. Currently, the usual male perspectives that feature are legislators pushing to restrict abortion procedures, drawing the ire of pro-choice supporters accusing them of trying to legislate women’s bodies. But now would-be fathers denied by abortion are speaking out.”

The BBC article notes several stories of men who were harmed by abortion, often because they felt like they had let down their girlfriend or their child or understood the gravity of what they had done.

One man, Mr. Locker, tried to convince his pregnant girlfriend not to have an abortion, offering to marry her, help place the baby for adoption, or even raise the baby as a single father. But, he ended up feeling pressured to help her obtain an abortion.

Mr. Locker told BBC, “I didn’t know how I was going to survive; I wasn’t going to jump off a bridge, but I probably would have drunk myself to death…I’ve thought about what happened every day for the last 32 years.” The story notes that he has now started a family with a different woman and has found healing through his faith.

The story also quotes Chuck Raymond, who they describe as facing an abortion when he was younger and his 18-year-old girlfriend aborted their child; “Men are meant to be protectors, so there is a sense of failure – failing to protect the mother and the unborn child, failing to be responsible.”

Silent No More, a healing ministry for post-abortion women, as well as men and families harmed by abortion, says that men are harmed by abortion too.

Their website lists over 150 testimonies from the fathers of aborted children.

Some of the testimonies include:

  • “In all the years before, it had never occurred to me that I could possibly be carrying grief. After all, how could I have grief for someone whose death I had caused? Well, I did have this grief, and I learned that some people call it the ‘forbidden grief’, because it’s not the kind of loss that you feel free to just talk about with anyone.”
  • “I tried to forget about it, thinking it would eventually go away.  I was wrong.  I blamed myself for not standing up for my baby.  Inside, I felt shame, and I blamed myself for being a coward.  But we never talked about it.”
  • “I started drinking deliberately rather than casually at this time, hoping the awareness of the life we had conceived would disappear like the pregnancy had. But it did not. It never went away.”

If you or someone you know is healing from the effects of abortion, there are resources to help you.

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