Sad Reminder about 9/11 and Call to Action

9 11.jpg

It’s no coincidence that I am posting today on the 18th anniversary of when the world stood still and 3,000 American lives were taken away.

9 11 Memorial.jpg

If you visit the memorial in New York City, you will notice that moms and their unborn children are mentioned. What a tragedy.

The sad reality is that today 9/11 happens in every major U.S. city when 3,000 unborn children, future American citizens, are killed for liberal’s comfort and ideology in the name of choice.

We need to end the 9/11 happening outside of abortion facilities today by stepping out of our comfort zones, praying, fasting, and most importantly donating to the cause for life.

With 40 Days for Life around the corner, I am asking that all pro-lifers sign up for every hour possible for an end to abortion.

Sign up here

We can end the 9/11 of abortion if every person sees how abortion has terrorized our culture.

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