Philly Pro-Lifers Remember Victims of Abortions at Two Local Cemeteries



Participating in a nationwide event, fifty pro-lifers from the greater Philadelphia area came out in solidarity for the victims of Gosnell’s House of Horrors at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia and IHM Cemetery in Linwood.


At the vigil in Linwood, 210 babies were buried there in 1988. Walter Gies shared about Monica Miller’s book “Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars” as he read recounting how those babies were found and retrieved and ultimately buried respectfully.


“I was quite upset to consider the constant dilemma of where to put all the bodies when 3,000-4,000 babies being aborted DAILY in the USA alone.”

Group Photo Laurel

The events were attended by pro-lifers of all walks of life. The memorial at Laurel Hill Cemetery was made possible by John and Loida McKeever.


John and wife, Loida McKeever made the remembrance day possible.

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Laura Gies later shared a testimony on Facebook about someone who shared with her an experience of one of the mom’s at Gosnell’s House of Horrors in the Mantua section of Philadelphia back in 2006.  This is excerpted below:

“The young lady was only 14 yrs old… and our friend and someone else accompanied her cousin into the Gosnell clinic.” Laura further said, “She told me they were waiting in the waiting room, and eventually someone came to inform them they should leave and they would call when the young teen patient was done and ready to go home. They called to come to get this 14-year-old after the late-term abortion, at 3 AM!!”

Sadly, in the aftermath of the decision from thirteen years earlier, this young woman, now 27 years old, does nt seem to be able to have children.

These horrific acts of abortion must come to an end. The solution is for Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Muslims, and non-believers to come together and say “enough is enough” by taking a bold stand for life.

We cannot stand in the sidelines anymore. We need to be bold, brave, and heroic if we want to stop the murders that happen in our communities. All are encouraged to sign up for 40 Days for Life.


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