Mourning the Loss of Over 60 Million Babies to Abortion

Pro-lifers gathered last Saturday at memorial sites for the National Day of Remembrance. In 1989, after my first visit to an abortion site, I was devastated by the thought of babies being ripped from their mother’s womb. With deep sadness over the loss of so many precious little lives, the following verses came pouring out on paper.

Who Will Mourn
Who will mourn for the helpless unborn
as the slaughter of the innocent daily goes on
Who will mourn with the mother deceived
by the lies of the enemy and in silence must grieve
Who will mourn with the father denied
the kiss and caress of his toddling child
Who will pray for the soul which is lost
who kill the innocent and not count the cost?
Who will mourn with Our Savior above
as they kill and destroy His Gift of Love
Who will mourn for the helpless unborn
if not the children of God…..then who

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