One Week Until 40 Days fo Life; Philly Pro-Lifers Are Needed


40 Days for Life is around the corner and you are all encouraged to participate. It is a chance for pro-lifers to take their pro-life convictions to the streets and even the public sidewalk.

Philadelphia area and its surrounding suburbs have campaigns. Each one will include a link to a previous blog post, so you learn more about it.


Learn about the largest non- Planned Parenthood facility . More than 6,000 babies are killed every year five floors above a daycare.


Behind the Philadelphia Women’s Center is Planned Parenthood in the number of abortions conducted every year in Philadelphia is Planned Parenthood’s Elizabeth Blackwell Center, located at 1144 Locust Street. It was there that pro-lifers were harassed by State Rep Brian Sims. He would go on to dox a group of teenage girls and is now in the process of being censure by the statehouse. Additionally, it has failed one state inspection after another.


In the Northeast section of Philadelphia, there is a Planned Parenthood near Roosevelt Boulevard. All are encouraged to attend if you are near or around NE Philly.

Sue Thayer

In Bucks County, there is a Planned Parenthood located in the Warminster section where abortions are committed on certain days. All those in Bucks County are encouraged to attend.


Planned Parenthood is located near a poor section of Norristown. Pro-lifers in Norristown area and Montgomery County are encouraged to participate. Learn about the vigil here.

West Chester PP

For pro-lifers in or around Chester County, there is a 40 Days campaign outside of West Chester Planned Parenthood. Learn more about vigil hours here.

To sign up for 40 Days for Life in your area, visit here. Your presence matters.

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