Those in the Abortion Industry Are in Need Our Prayers

The following comes from Kathy Kuhns of Pro-Life Berks.  Kathy sends out a weekly email and graciously allows us to post her updates on our blog. 

She would like all who pray and witness outside of the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pennsylvania as well as at the Allentown Planned Parenthood to pray for the ‘deathscorts’ who lead vulnerable women into these abortion centers.   (Something we all should do on a daily basis.)

Below is a short prayer you can  use to pray for the conversion of all who work or volunteer in any way at Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility. You may also want to use the link below to learn more about the Pro-Life Berks ‘Prayer Project’.  It is something every pro-life group could and should do.  

Prayer for Escorts

Last Tuesday we had 2 “deathscorts” – 2 young girls in PP pink vests.  They made a point of showing us the trash can they place inside the Planned Parenthood door, with a sign on it telling clients to throw away the literature we give them.

We’ve dealt with deathscorts before at Reading Planned Parenthood, and now again have them at Allentown Planned Parenthood, and the best approach is to not engage with them, or provoke them.  There’s no benefit.   Just pray for them………………… 

Last, the Prayer Project signs are finally here and they look great – they’re in Planned Parenthood’s bright pink.   Please let us know when you’ll be praying at Reading Planned Parenthood and we’ll give you a sign.  (Contact information is provided in the Guidelines below).  The signs are really going to stand out, so please be willing to hold one while you pray.

Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

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