Ideas For Pro-Life Activities and Events

Temple Students for Life

October is Respect Life Month

Below are several ideas you can bring to your young adult, parish, or event youth groups to strengthen their pro-life views. You can even bring your group to events happening in or around the Greater Philadelphia area.

  1. Most importantly there is a post that breaks down events happening in Philadelphia and surrounding areas during the fall.
  2. Host a Pro-Life Movie Night
    1. It is no question that Unplanned took the nation and globe by storm. Are you aware of other pro-life movies you can view?
    2. In addition to the list from Students for Life, you can also show Gosnell and Unplanned.
  3. Ask your pastor to host a Holy Hour or Prayer Service at your church for an end to abortion.
    1. Offer it up for the build-up for the culture of life.
    2. Here are prayers you can use for the Holy Hour.
    3. St. Teresa of Calcutta believed that a weekly Hour Hour done by every Catholic can end abortion.
  4. Do a baby collection
    1. Collect items for expected mothers
    2. Ask the Sisters of Life or other pro-life groups on their current needs
    3. Host a baby shower for expectant mothers
  5. Host a Pro-Life Speaker
    1. Bring a well-known pro-life speaker to your next event
    2. Book Generation Life or The Culture Project to your parish, classroom, pro-life fundraiser or young adult event.
  6. Attend Weekly Vigils
    1. There are vigils happening in or around the Philadelphia area and its surrounding suburbs. Your presence is needed. It may not be easy to wake up before 6AM or take time before work and be present. At times, it is still dark, brutally cold, or even hot, but it is a sacrifice you must be willing to make.
  7. Write to Elected Officials
    1. Make your voices heard by writing letters to your representative or senator, holding them accountable in defending life from womb to tomb. Find out about your representative.
    2. Be sure to challenge his or her voting records on defending life.
      1. Back up your claims with dates
  8. Host a Pro-Life Book Club
    1. There’s one taking place. Learn more here
  9. Make a donation to the pro-life cause
    1. Give alms to the Pro-Life Union or other pro-life charities of your choosing.
    2. One couple did that in response to a state representative’s act of bullying and harassing pro-life women
  10. Give your time and talents in advancing the prolife cause
    1. A pro-lifer is making dresses and donating to the pro-life cause
    2. An artist was rejected in Colorado for his pro-life views
  11. Volunteer for local organizations

I can think of a few more things, but the above will help get the wheels turning. You are needed. What are you waiting for?


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