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The following is from Fr. Monique Ruberu’s email blast.

Just had a little story from the sidewalk today. There was a woman who came up to us praying and wanted to give us encouragement. She indicated that she had brought her daughter to 777 for an abortion in August of 2018.

She indicated that she herself is a Christian and didn’t want her daughter to get an abortion but her daughter insisted that this was the only option for her. They came to the clinic and five women were outside praying and offered her a brochure. They politely declined. While up in the clinic the mother indicated she could “feel death” in there and told her daughter she couldn’t be there to watch this happen.

She exited the building and spoke to the women outside. Shortly after her daughter followed and said she was confused on what to do. The five women outside consoled her and offered her a brochure and she took it. Her daughter walked off but the five women asked if they could pray with the mother.

These women came up to let us know her grandchild is now 5 months old and they couldn’t be any happier and couldn’t imagine their lives without her. I have no idea if these five women know that this child was born, or if the daughter ever chose life, but the woman wanted us to know that what we do makes a positive difference and she encouraged us to keep it up.

If those women weren’t present that baby may not be alive today.

Your presence makes a difference!!!

Please help us be present for the other moms who are entering through those same doors.

Fill these hours:
Sat 9/28 12th and locust: 2
Mon 9/30 12th and loc: 10,12,2,3,4
Tues 10/1 777 Appletree : 10,11,2
Wed 10/2 12th and locust: 10,12,1,2,3,4
Wed 10/2 777 Appletree: 12
Thurs 10/3 777: 8,9,1,2
Fri 10/4 12th and loc: 11,12,1,4

Resources to bring with you

Sign up for vigil hours are these locations:

Philadelphia Women’s Center

Center City Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood West Chester

Planned Parenthood Northeast Philadelphia

Planned Parenthood Norristown

Planned Parenthood Warminster

Here are prayers to say outside of abortion facilities

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