The Dedication of One Young Adult

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Blogger’s Note: If you are a young adult and on fire for the faith, you are needed to step out of your comfort zone to end abortion. It is one thing to share pro-life memes on your social media accounts It is another to be the boots on the ground that God so desperately need to fight this spiritual warfare.

If you need a reason to step, take this email from Dr. Monqieu Ruberu as a challenge.

I am constantly blown away by the prayerfulness and commitment of our young adults. Last week as I was leaning on God to fill this Saturday’s hours… He moved the heart of Sam. Sam is a wonderful young man who is fearless, full of the Holy Spirit, and willing to step out and heed the call of his Father. Sam stepped up and volunteered to cover 3 hours. After those hours he called me and I informed him that I couldn’t find someone to cover the 2 o clock hour… and he was free to go.

At 3 o’clock he called me saying that he saw a young girl ushered in by her mother… he conversed with her and had her name… and wanted her to know that he was there to help her out of there… he wanted to stay until they closed at 4… this young guy stayed 5 hours at 12th and locust. Many of us struggle to be there for 1 hour… but he gave 5. What a sacrifice. What a vessel. What a servant of God.
Please continue to pray for all that are out there. Pray for their protection, their strength, and their inspiration. Pray that God continues to move His people to fill these hours.

Please do use the info and bring your own resources with you :

Downloadable Materials

Please feel free to invite the GYN patients to have free care at my office ( and consider supporting the fund that allows me to provide this service (

Please help us fill next weeks hours:
Mon 9/30: 12th and locust: 9,12
Tues 10/1: 12th and locust: 1,2,3
Tues 10/1 : 777 appletree: 10,11,2
Wed 10/2: 12th and locust: 12,1,2,3,4
Wed 10/2: 777: 12
Thurs 10/3: 777: 11,12,1,2
Fri 10/4: 12th and loc: 12,1,4

Sign up for Planned Parenthood Vigil here

Sign up for Philadelphia Women’s Center here

Are you up to the challenge? Bring a friend or two with you.


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