End Indifference


The following is from Dr. Monique Ruberu regarding last night’s Respect Life Mass kickoff and 40 Days for Life Holy Hour

Last night we were so blessed to begin the respect life month in Philadelphia with a Holy hour hosted by the Sisters of Life and a Mass said by Archbishop Chaput.

The Archbishop said, the opposite of love isn’t hate…. it’s indifference. If we avoid showing up at the abortion center or choose not to go because we have no time, or we think someone else will go… we are being indifferent.

If we do show up and are kind to the women who are entering for abortion but we ignore the sidewalk escorts leading them into the gates of hell.. we are being indifferent.

If we are called to love… by the greatest source of love known to mankind… yet we settle for indifference… how well are we serving our Father? How can we look Him in the face and hope to hear those beautiful words, “Welcome my dear child… you have done well”

My friends, please at this moment and every moment going forward let us LOVE like there is no tomorrow. Let us engage these women and men, let us be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our future is totally dependent on the actions of today, this moment is all we have to make a difference, life is very short. Let us focus on this mission, show up like never before and fill every hour that these places are open.

When we are there we can be assured these scared women will be met with love… when we are not there all they meet is a deafening silence.

Please help us fill these hours:
Tuesday 10/1: 12th and locust – 9,10,12
Wed 10/2: 12th and locust – 1,3
Thurs 10/3: 777 appletree – 11,12,1

Visit here to sign up today.

Please do bring resources with you if you can:

And invite GYN patients to seek free care at my office “naturalwomenshealth.com” through the “Ladies love life” fund. (ladieslovelife.com)

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