First Save of 2019 Fall Campaign in Center City; Upcoming Event on Saturday

ultrasound-pregnancy 2

Exciting news from an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Today at 12th and Locust, Carol and Ann Marie from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church were praying… they noticed a mom sobbing in the courtyard. They began to speak to her, consoling her – offering her love and help. She was so upset about being pregnant.

They took her to the community women’s center where she met with the people working there. She decided then and there not to return to planned parenthood, and she is scheduled for an ultrasound later this week.

Please continue to pray for this mom and all who are out there! May they all see the blessing in their children and may the devil’s work be stopped in its tracks!

Please join us and fill the remaining hours!!
Friday 10/4: 12th and locust: 12,4
Sat 10/5: 12th and locust: 1,2
Mon 10/7: 12th and locust: 8,11,12,2
Tues 10/8: 12th and loc: 8,9,10,11

Please bring resources or blessing bags with you if you can :

Please welcome the GYN patients you meet at 12th and locust to come to my office for free ( – they just have to mention “ladies love life” when making appointments.

This Saturday the Hope pregnancy center is having a free outdoor conference for all teens and youth about chastity and purity. Everyone is welcome. I’ll be speaking as well as Katelyn D’Adamo from Gen life and Marlene Dowling as well as several other awesome speakers…

Please sign up ASAP so they can prepare adequately for the numbers

Blogger’s Note: Do not forget to sign up for hours outside of a prayer vigil near you here

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