Update on the Pennsylvania Abortion Industry Lawsuit to ‘New York-ize’ Pennsylvania’s Abortion Laws

The following is an update from Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania regarding the lawsuit from the Women’s Law Project  on behalf of the abortion industry in Pennsylvania that seeks a declaration from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stating that a  ‘right to abortion’ now exist in the Pennsylvania Constitution.  (Please read Mike’s column in the attachment below).  


from Mike McMonagle:

The Pa. Abortion Industry’s lawsuit that seeks the Pa. Supreme Court to declare that a “right to abortion” now exists in the Pa. Constitution is moving slowly.  The Pa. Commonwealth Court has scheduled a three Judge Panel Hearing on October 10, 2019 in Harrisburg on the petition of Pa. House and Senate Leaders to enter the case.  This intervention is important because attorneys for Gov. Tom Wolf cannot be relied upon to zealously and effectively defend this lawsuit.  Our organization’s attorneys continue to provide crucial assistance to the attorneys hired by the Pa. House and Senate Leaders.

Mike’s column

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