Baby Save #2 in Center City; Call to Action


Dr. Monique Ruberu reported exciting news during the 40 Days for Life campaign in Center City on Friday, October 4th

Today the Awesome Holy Martyrs Catholic Church covered the day at 12th and locust!

As they were standing in prayer a girl came out of the building with a beautiful smile on her face… she happily announced to them that she was keeping her baby and she left…Thanks be to God and the willingness of the men and women who stood vigil in prayer!!!

Babies and moms are being saved from the horror of abortion all over the world… yet in Australia, there is a 150-meter buffer zone around the abortion centers.
We are so blessed to have the ability to legally share the sidewalk with the moms. We can get literature into their hands. It is so hard to have a conversation from 150 meters away.

In thanksgiving for the lives saved and our freedom to be there and love those lives please fill these hours:
Sat 10/5 12th and locust: 1,2
Mon 10/7 12th and locust: 11
Tues 10/8 12th and locust 8,9,10
Tues 10/8 777 appletree 2
Wed 10/9 777 appletree 8,9,10,11,12,1

Visit here to sign up for hours at Planned Parenthood Center City

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