To Keep America Great: VOTE RED

The following is from pro-life prayer warrior and frequent contributor  to this blog, Barney Byrne.  While Barney shows us many reasons we should vote Red, the main reason for  doing so is because those who are running for president on the democratic side support abortion up to the moment of birth as well as assisted suicide.  They don’t seem to place any value on human life at any stage. And let’s not forget they are the party that took God out of their platform!   

Barney tells us to VOTE RED  to keep America great.  I’m asking everyone not only to VOTE RED, but to pray for a conversion of those in the democratic party, and for all who hold power over us, no matter which party they are affiliated.   Let’s VOTE RED to Keep America Great, but more importantly let’s VOTE RED and PRAY to make America Holy Again!

Make America Holy Again

A recent writer to the Intelligencer wrote that voting Blue is where change begins.  She is so right.

Please vote Blue (Democratic) if you want higher taxes, less jobs, millions of more homeless, a much less secure Country in this world, a declining economy, open borders to allow millions and millions of immigrants to come into our Country so it will go bankrupt paying for all the free  health care and free education the Democrats envision, while all of our Citizens go bankrupt trying to pay for all the Democrats free goodies.

The writer also repeats the tired refrains of the Democrats on election interference and a disconnect with the rule of law.  If she would only open her eyes and ears, she would see and hear that it was Crooked Obama, Hillary Clinton and rogue element of the FBI, CIA, State Dept. and other members of the Washington Swamp that have perpetrated all these false charges against President Trump.

So please , to destroy the Country we know and that is still a beacon to the rest of the World, vote Blue (Democrat ) or to “Keep America Great”, Vote Red (Republican).

Make no mistake, if Blue wins in the 2020 election it will be the end of the Country our forbears have fought and died to provide for us all.  Our Country will become the largest Socialist country in the world and will mirror Venezuela thousands of times over.  Please vote Republican across the board to keep America the Utopia envisioned by our founders and paid for in the blood of it’s Patriots.

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