An Encounter with Post Abortive Woman

Memorial Service

From Monique Ruberu’s Email last evening.

I recently saw a lovely lady in my office…

Me: how many children do you have?
She: 2
Me : so only 2 pregnancies in your life?
She: no I had 1 miscarraige and one abortion
Me: I am so sorry, has anyone ever offered you abortion recovery services?
She: no
Me: oftentimes I meet patients who experienced abortions in their lives… they kind of shove that part of their life into a small corner of their mind, but when the topic comes up in politics, news, family, friends… it all comes rushing back
She (nodding with tears in her eyes)
Me: it often leaves these women feeling anxious, depressed and guilty. The goal of these resources is to help these women to find healing.. to know that their baby is in heaven, that her child holds nothing but love toward her,
That God loves her, and nothing she could have ever said or done would ever reduce His love for her…
She(tears rolling down her cheeks) I really love-hate you right now – smiling
Me: it’s ok… I just really want you to know that these resources are available for you.. and you deserve healing…

The sadness of abortion is long-lasting… we have the ability to help others heal but we also have the ability to avoid this choice altogether…

Your presence could prevent a woman from walking this path. She could avoid all the trauma and a valuable person could be allowed to live.

Please help us cover hours;
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Mon 10/14 12th and locust: 11,12,1,2,3,4
Wed 10/16 777 apple tree 8,9,10,11,12,1
Thurs 10/17 777 apple tree 1,2
Thurs 10/17 12th and loc 9,11

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