The Closing of 227 Planned Parenthood Facilities and How The Rosary Played A Crucial Role


Blogger’s Note: The Catholic Church Sets Aside October as both Respect Life and Month of the Holy Rosary. Judie Brown of  American Life shares about a campaign to close all abortion facilities nationwide

Throughout history, the Holy Rosary has led to many miraculous victories.
Watch this 2-minute video to understand why Professor Charles Rice, a hero of the pro-life movement, told me years ago: “The Rosary is the only weapon that will ever shut down Planned Parenthood and ever stop abortion”
American Life League’s brand new nationwide campaign, the Marian Blue Wave, unleashes the power of the Holy Rosary – the potent spiritual weapon that has contributed to the closure of 227 Planned Parenthood facilities across America.
Hundreds of people have already joined the Marian Blue Wave campaign by pledging to pray a weekly Rosary with the specific intentions of ending all clinical, chemical, medical, and surgical abortion and shutting down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States …
… But to kick this campaign off successfully, we have a goal to boost that number of commitments to 1,000 prior to putting out the nationwide press release this coming Tuesday, October 15 announcing the launch of this effort.
If you haven’t yet made your Rosary commitment, do it now at:
Once you’ve made your Rosary commitment, help spread the word. Think of the one most faithful, prayerful person you know … and then ask them to join you in making a Rosary commitment as part of the Marian Blue Wave at:
Let’s all work to fill this map with many more blue prayer warriors by Tuesday … to spread a Marian Blue Wave across America!
Blogger’s Note: I have a blog post on some recommended prayers to say when you are in front of an abortion facility during your pro-life vigil. Whether you are there for an hour or more, you must pray for an end to abortion and the conversion of those in the industry.

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