The Night Before

At 9PM on Friday evening I was attending a beautifulIMG_5712 pro-life candlelight vigil ceremony at the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road in Northeast Philadelphia.  At this same time on Friday evening, each woman scheduled for a Saturday morning abortion was preparing for her crucial moment of decision to take the life of her child – either voluntarily or involuntarily.  The abortionist, Charles Benjamin, would be following whatever his Friday evening routine is before showing up twelve hours later to erase the life of one baby after the other – all in the name of healthcare.

Twelve short hours.

On Friday evening these children were secure in their mothers’ wombs not knowing what violence was imminent.  The sadness is overwhelming.  There was so much love and prayer outside this building on Friday night and yet by Saturday morning the walls inside would be cold and unfeeling as Planned Parenthood staff processed one woman after the other and handed her over to the abortionist and the tools of his trade.

How many of these women will seek physical and emotional support after their abortion — or were even told help is available?  How many parents of these young women have no idea how close they came to being loving grandparents? How many of these women will again experience a “night before”?  And at what point will Charles Benjamin decide enough is enough? IMG_5723

Benjamin admitted during the 2013 Kermit Gosnell trial that he, Benjamin, had done 40,000 abortions in his career.  Apparently enough will never be enough for Benjamin.  He and his medical partner, Bruce Berger recently closed their private abortion practice.  Does this mean he is stepping back or just re-doubling his efforts at Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics in the area?

There will continue to be many more “nights before” when a child is safe in the womb….until the next morning when the unthinkable happens as long as Benjamin, Berger and their abortionist peers make their services available….in the name of healthcare….healthcare that cares so little for the child in the womb.


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