First Save at 777 Appletree in Current Campaign


Dr. Monique Ruberu reports the first save of the current fall campaign at the Philadelphia Women’s Center. 

A woman came out. We thought she was post-abortion, but when we offered her the “Help after Abortion” sheet (from the pamphlet), she said “Oh I’m not having an abortion.  I changed my mind.” She didn’t stop to talk but kept walking to her car, so we don’t know what caused her to change her mind.  We were so happy and told her so.  We called to her and asked if she needed any assistance or info, but she said no, she was fine and shared a big smile. We told her we would pray for her and for her baby. Praise God and thank you for the people who were praying in witness this morning when she entered the center!

All the prayers help!!! Please show up and pray for the lives of these babies and mothers.

Wed 10/16 12th and locust: 11

Wed 10/16 777 apple tree: 11,12

Thurs 10/17: 777 appletree: 10,12

Friday 10/18: 777 apple tree: 12

sat 10/19 12th and locust: 12,1,2

sat 10/19 777 apple tree: 8,12

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