Up and Down the Boulevard: Don’t Stop Believin’!

IMG_5720Twelve lanes of traffic – six northbound and six southbound – moving 90,000 vehicles per day between Northeast Philadelphia and surrounding Bucks County.  Roosevelt Boulevard is like Las Vegas, open and ready for business 24/7 with never any downtime.  And on a beautiful Sunday afternoon the pro-life message was proudly advertised to some of those 90,000 drivers making their way to shopping malls and soccer games, Eagles game day parties and Sunday dinners.

Each year in October a Life Chain is held on this busy highway to promote the value of a child’s life.  Supporters hold signs both on the sidewalk and on the median strip – signs that present a visual of a child at the one-month stage of development, or signs stating abortion is not health care or signs asking to pray to end abortion.  It’s interesting to try to discern the faces in the cars as speeding drivers see a barrage of pro-life placards coming upon them.  Some seem confused as if they didn’t realize abortion is even still an issue, others try to avoid eye contact and yet others nod almost imperceptibly.

The good news is that we witnessed a lot of thumbs up and smiles but as one of my fellow sign holders lamented, if all these people agree, why is abortion still here?  Why aren’t more people involved in the cause?

But standing publicly on a busy highway with this large of a captured audience may get some drivers (and let’s not forget the passengers) to consider the next step.  Perhaps last year they gave us an imperceptible nod, this year a thumbs up and next year they may be holding their own pro-life sign along the highway!

Life chains provide an intimate moment between you as a sign holder and a hurried driver stopped at a red light.  Sometimes a moment is all you need to bring the message home, one car at a time.


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