Pennsylvania Action Alert! Please Contact Your Legislators – SPREAD THE WORD!

The following urgent request is from Ted Meehan of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 
Please residents of Pennsylvania, take the actions below on the Down Syndrome Bill in the Senate,  the Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims in the House,  the Heartbeat Bill in both the House and the Senate. 
Ted has supplied the contact information for you on these bills. When you’ve completed these tasks, please share with all your pro-life family and friends in Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania action alert
When our founders gave us our Constitution, they emphasized three categories of rights above all others. Life, Liberty, and Property. The first of these has been under assault for the past half century – but you and I have stood up to demand protection of Life from our elected representatives.

And today I am asking you to do THREE Tasks – and spread the word to your networks so that we flood the offices of our senators and state reps. Please send an email AND leave a voicemail.

1) PASS HB 321 (in Subject Line)
 To Senators
Joe Scarnati
             (717) 787-7084
Jake Corman
             (717) 787-1377
Michele Brooks
             (717) 787-1322
“Please move the Down Syndrome Bill (HB 321) out of the Health Committee and bring it up for a vote by the Full Senate.” (This bill has already passed in the House 117-76.)

2) To Reps in the House Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims
Please contact the State Rep in your area (Find contact info here  and ask them to co-sponsor the Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims – who last spring had harassed and intimidated ladies and young girls who had been praying outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. He used his status as a State Rep to try to scare them, while he insulted their religious beliefs, and offered a $100 reward for anyone who could identify these ladies and girls so he could harass them further in their own neighborhoods. He then posted a video of the entire assault on the internet! Despite many calls upon him to apologize, Sims remains defiant. So a Motion to Censure is to be introduced next week. Please ask your state rep to co-sponsor this Motion AND vote to Censure Rep Sims.

3) Both Senators and State Reps Heartbeat Bill
Please ask them to co-sponsor HB 1977 – Heartbeat Bill. You can find contact info here.
May the Lord of Life bless your efforts and multiply them to His greater Glory and Honor!

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