Prayer Project Rally Tomorrow at 10 AM at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pa.

Saturdays are busy days for pro-life warriors in Pennsylvania.  Most go to the abortion centers in their cities to pray and give witness or to offer help to women seeking abortions.  My parish is having a Prayer Rally at the site of vandalism of our Memorial Crosses.   And Prayer Warriors in Berks County are being urged to come out for a rally at the Planned Parenthood in Reading (map) as part of their Prayer Project.  Please see the information below from Kathy Kuhns.   

Prayer project

Please be at Reading Planned Parenthood tomorrow, Sat., 10 AM for the Prayer Project Rally.  We’ll be storming heaven with our prayers to close the place down for good.  We’ll also be thanking God for what He’s already done.  Pastor Joe Sclafani will lead the prayers.

We have some signs and t-shirts, so just ask.  You can also bring your own sign, but no graphic signs please.
Sorry to say the Reading Eagle is unable to cover our event due to so many other events going on at the same time.  They were very nice and have always covered our events, so we can’t complain.
Also, Pro-Life Berks on BCTV, Monday, Oct 21st, 8 PM.  Change of schedule.  Rep. Muesser couldn’t make it and will be on the program in February.  Scott and Joel will discuss lost fatherhood when their children were aborted.
See you tomorrow.  Rain or shine!


Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

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