Miracle Girl


The following is from a recent email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu on Tuesday, October 22nd.
Imagine being pregnant with your 4th child… you go for the ultrasound and you are told that there is a big black hole where the cerebellum should be… that you need to go straight to The children’s hospital of Pennsylvania for a meeting …

Then you get to CHOP and you face a room of grim specialists who say your child will never walk, never talk, have no real life… and you have just a few weeks left to end her life before you have to go to Jersey to do so…

their advice is singular, consistent, unwavering, resounding… ABORT…

you ask them ” have you ever met a child with this problem?”

they say ” no everyone chooses to abort”

you say” then how do you know she will have all those problems if you haven’t even met someone like her?”

your husbands response as he clutches his rosary beads tightly is “I ain’t aborting S@@@”

their response – you better start praying those then…

His response- I do…every single day.

Flash forward 12 years… a beautiful girl dances around the room, crochets unceasingly, helps out numerous other kids, displays her uncanny sense on humour and speaks and walks perfectly… anyone who sees her would never know she has a brain shunt and has undergone several operations… this is the baby whose life was on the block. This baby was given a chance at life because just weeks before this meeting her parents were praying outside of the abortion center at 12th and locust… they saw the women walking out devastated 12 years ago… and they knew they could never make that choice.

Women have been walking out devastated for too long… babies have been torn to pieces there for too long… the only thing we have the power to do is to show up, to pray, to offer resources… and our presence will make a difference. You might encounter parents that aren’t as strong as those in the story above. In the past few days we have at least 3 possible turn arounds!!!

Please don’t give in to apathy… please don’t think that someone else will cover that hour… we need you… just 1.5 more weeks let’s finish strong!!!

Please fill these hours!!

wed 10/23: 12th and locust: 10,4

wed 10/23 :777 appletree : 1

thurs 10/24: 12th and locust: 12,2,3

thurs 10/24 : 777 appletree: 1,2

fri 10/25: 777 appletree : 9,10

sat 10/26: 12th and loc: 11,1,2

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