Kanye West Doing More than Praising Jesus; Slamming Immorality

It felt like yesterday, as a teenager and in high school, that Kanye West was dominating the charts and even the radios with many of his hits that range from “Through the Line” to “Good Life” and many hits in between. If we were to read between the lines of many of his chart-topping hits, he advocate for fornication and sexual promiscuity. He was a part of the problem with much of the music industry in how raunchy lyrics would soon dominate charts for more than a decade.

Today, Kanye West has released an album that is catching many people by surprise. Instead of going with the grain of many rappers as he has since his career began, he decides to use it as a way of praising Jesus. He even expressed that he is a changed man. No question it will do well for some.

In many interviews leading up to its release, Kanye has opened up about his porn addiction and revealed that “Jesus healed him”.

Kanye even fired shots on how abortion has affected the black race. “They’re making us abort our children. Gosh, they’re now killed… I can’t tell y’all how to feel. But what I can tell you honestly is how I feel.” Read more of it here.

This is the moment to seize. We really need to pray for all musicians to use their talents to proclaim God before man. At the same time, use the medium to convey life messages that are needed in our broken culture.

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