My Experience Outside Nashville Planned Parenthood

PP Nashville.jpg

While I was in Nashville on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to pray outside of Planned Parenthood that was located on the north side of town.

As my Uber driver dropped me off, a young girl walked up to me, assuming that I was entering the facility. I assured her that I a with them to end abortion and she welcomed me along with fellow members of her Presbyterian Church in the city. I took a moment to observe a scene and it was a two-story building with a 30-yard parking lot that stood between the building and the public sidewalk with three access points. Two escorts were present. One at the door and other in the middle with a comfortable beach chair.

I was the only Catholic there as I stood in solidarity and prayed for 90 minutes pleading for the lives of the unborn. At the end of my vigil sign up, I prayed the rosary without ceasing as I paced back and forth. The children broke into songs that included “Amazing Grace”. As I walked away and thanked them, my heart leaped for joy, but in the back of my mind, I was concerned that lives were ending in an amazing city. Nashville is not alone as many cities are choosing death over life for the innocent lives from the womb to the tomb. We need to step up our game to defend them.

I want to encourage anyone reading this that if you are traveling, be sure to stop and stand in solidarity with fellow pro-lifers even if it’s just one hour and pray for an end to abortion.

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