Sidewalk Servant Campaign

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The following is from Dr. Monique Ruberu’s Facebook personal account regarding Sidewalk Servants which was posted on Saturday, November 2nd. You are encouraged to sign up for hours on a weekly basis as babies continue to be murdered in the Philadelphia area even after the 40 Days for Life campaign. 

Ok Philly prolifers… really need your help.

40daysforlife ended today… the abortion centers downtown will be celebrating next week if the sidewalks are empty…

So if you have seen unplanned – and you remember those images… please commit to covering 1 hour a month with us downtown…

If you haven’t seen unplanned – go and watch it right now!!!!!

We are currently trying to fill all the hours of week 1 of the 5-week rotation

Please let me know what hour you would like to cover if your family or pro-life, prayer group would like to cover 1 day a month and which location (777 appletree or 12th and locust)

We ask that you bring resources with you to hand out

Here are the links for quick refresher training

Search “sidewalk servants QuickStart” on YouTube.

Here is the link to make blessing bags or print pamphlets –

Here is the website for philly sidewalk servants

We would love to add you to our once a week mailing list and to reserve your hour to pray!!!

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