Diamond & Silk Share Message of Life at Pro-Life Banquet

I recently had the opportunity to see Diamond & Silk at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s 40th Anniversary Celebrate Life Banquet held in Harrisburg.  While I knew these ladies were very conservative and very pro Trump, I didn’t realize just how pro-life they are.  Among the many things they spoke about was  Margaret Sanger, her founding of Planned Parenthood and the focus of Planned Parenthood to exterminate pre-born babies, particularly the genocide of black babies.

For those who were not so fortunate to see them in person, you can view the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s video of this event below.

I would like to suggest that we all write to them and urge them to speak out more on the issue of abortion, particularly the genocide of black babies.  You can reach them at: Diamond and Silk,  7711 S. Raeford Rd. Suite 102-171,  Fayetteville, NC 28304 or email them at DiamondandSilk@gmail.com



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