The Elections Came and Went. Is it Over?

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Like many anxious voters, I have seen many results that either advance or setback the pro-life cause. Here is a break down of the Philadelphia area, statewide, and even national landscape.  Elections have consequences and we need to do more to get a pro-life voice on every level of government.


For the Superior Court, Megan McCarthy-King overcame a late smear campaign for a last-minute derailment of her campaign as she won a seat on the state superior court. This helps give a pro-life voice in the state court, where pro-life legislation has been instrumental in the debate since the Gov. Casey years.

Joe Gale won his bid for re-election as Commissioner of Montco.

The Bad News

The city of Brotherly Love has re-elected a Catholic in Name Only mayor by the name of Jim Kenney for another four years. Kenney has done little to defend life from the womb to the tomb. 

In some of the surrounding counties of Philadelphia, the abortion lobby has made some gains. Take for example Delaware County went from red to blue for the first time since the Civil War era. George Soro puppet Jack Stollsteimer wins the DA race in that same county.

Here are more results from the Keystone State here

New Jersey

Mike Testa wins a crucial seat in the Garden State’s 1st senate district seat. This will help challenge Gov. Murphy and his radical abortion agenda.


Narrowly Matt Bevin was defeated by his opponent. However, he plans to challenge it before the state legislative.

The state’s first African American Attorney General was elected.


Virginia has flipped more seats in senate and state house blue. It was one of the states that tried to pass a late-term abortion law similar to New York’s but it failed to gain enough votes. We know that Virginia will stop it nothing to be like New York in its abortion agenda.

What Went Wrong?

I have seen very little commercials attacking the policies and ideas of those that were running on a radical left agenda that included abortion on demand. If candidates in any given party want votes, they need to conquer and harness the art of persuasion through debates, town hall meetings, and even rallies.

What Do We Do?

Is it frustrating? Yes, but we cannot lose hope or see this as a defeat. My mother once told me that every defeat will lead you closer to a big victory. We must learn from why we lost and fight harder for the pro-life cause.

The fact of the matter is that we cannot rely on a candidate to do it for us. The abortion debate will not end in the halls of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Oval Office, or even our state capital. Rather, this debate will be decided on the public sidewalks when every pro-lifer, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and secular band together and tell the abortion lobby that enough is enough.

As the 2020 elections are looming in less than a year, we need to support men and women of character. I do not just mean vote straight Republican (that party has just as many flaws as the Democrats do). Rather, we need to support those that are willing to put the people first and their self-interests in the back burner. Candidates must also be not afraid to attack the ideas of their opponents even to the point of exposing their lies and holding them accountable for their poor track record.

I believe our country is in need of a new great awakening, a spiritual revival if we want to defeat the left-wing machine in all levels of government. Prayer can begin this new awakening. Even acts of service.

The good news is you can channel your frustration by participating in peaceful demonstrations through the Sidewalk Servant Campaign. Learn how to pray, approach women entering the facility, what to say to those people passing by you and even the escorts.

Do not let the pro-life losses in your county, state, or city discourage you. Instead, let those losses channel you to work and fight harder for the defense of life.

One thought on “The Elections Came and Went. Is it Over?

  1. Rita Mullowney November 7, 2019 / 8:07 am

    Thank you for the break down of the candidates who won elections and their positions regarding pro life. But most of all I appreciate the statement that we have as many flaws in both political parties. This is my opinion also. However, I have not seen that in the pro life groups I’ve attended. They have show hate for the one, and praise for the other.
    I don’t believe, as a Pro Life Catholic that I can accept those blanket attitudes.
    Keep up your good work. God Bless!!!

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