A LIFE SAVED in Chester County!

The following is from Rachel Hayes, Chester County Leader for 40 Days for Life.  Many babies lives have been saved through this campaign.  

If you have never participated in a 40 Days for Life Campaign, please consider joining the Spring 2020 Campaign which begins on Ash Wednesday.  Use this link for more information on 40 Days for Life.

Chester County

What wonderful news we have to end our fall 40 Days for Life campaign in Chester County. For those unable to attend our closing rally this past Saturday, you might not be aware that we have confirmation of a mother choosing life and a baby saved from abortion. PTL! This was a beautiful story of a young woman in need of hope and support. Upon exiting the abortion facility because she felt unsettled being there, she was met by 40 Days volunteers who let her know that help was nearby at CCWS medical center and that they would show her the way. How grateful I am that our prayers were answered and that God used our presence to be part of this unfolding story! For this young woman, instead of a day of hopelessness filled with tears of sorrow and a lifetime of regret, it was a hope filled day of joy and thankfulness as her mother’s heart was overwhelmed with wonder at seeing her 10 week old baby via ultrasound for the first time and being cared for and loved by the center’s staff.

To sumarize a bit of encouragement from National Headquarters Campaign Director Steve Karlen at our rally: our hour(s) of vigil over the course of the 40 days will most likeley be unremarkable, and we might be tempted toward discouragement or even laziness in not getting out to pray and hold vigil. Don’t be discouraged because the seemingly mundane and unremarkable are bearing fruit. Though we don’t always get the tangible news above, we know that abortion numbers go down when we are present and praying, abortion-vulnerable women are changing their minds, babies are being saved, clinic workers are having a change of heart, and abortion facilities are closing. It’s happening in cities across the US and globally. Your prayers and your vigil presence do make a difference. Thank you for fasting & praying, and taking an hour or more of your time to stand in the gap for the many babies at risk! 

Though our fall campaign has come to a close, please be mindful and continue to pray throughout the year because abortions occur at WC PP each Friday. For those able, we can be a prayerful presence year round. If not, pray for those who can and prepare for another 40 Days in the spring. What else can you do until then? Support your local pregnancy center and other life-affirming ministries. Vote this Tuesday, Nov. 5, for candidates who support protections for the unborn. Contact your PA House reps and senators in support of the PA Heartbeat Bill. Get involved with or start a pro-life ministry at your church. Make plans now to attend the DC National March for Life on January 24, ’20. Mark your calendars for the first ever PA March for Life on May 18, ’20.

I hope you are encouraged to persevere and not give up hope, because our God is working in and through us to bring an end to abortion in WC.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up,” and “let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works”! 

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