Think What Would have been Lost Without Adoption

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and to celebrate, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has been posting stories all month on adoption.  Below is one from Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director of the Federation on Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas. 

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by Maria Gallagher

My co-worker surprised me one day by asking, “Did you see what’s on your cup?”

I turned the red paper cup around and looked at the wording imprinted on it. It stated, “Face it. Without adoption, Wendy’s wouldn’t be here.”

I knew it to be true. The founder of Wendy’s, the late Dave Thomas, had been adopted as a child. As an adult, after building a successful nationwide restaurant chain, he became a tireless advocate for adoption.

Think about it. Consider the jobs that would have been lost, the relationships that never would have formed. The people who would not have had Dave Thomas to look up to as a mentor and a business leader, were it not for adoption. Just one child. One story.  One adoption.

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