A Comprehensive Update on the Stop PP in KCK Campaign

Below is an update from Ron Kelsey, President of Planned Parenthood Exposed detailing the services Planned Parenthood plans to provide as well as what Planned Parenthood Exposed will do to stop them.  

Stop PP in KCK


1.  According to Planned Parenthood  their KCK plans include:
·  “Full spectrum of services”
This obviously includes abortion, especially with the Ks Supreme Court ruling that has positioned Ks to become the wild, wild, west for abortion.
·  KCK will be the hub for PP s_x education.
PP targets our youth to promote virtually any type of sexual   activity. WE MUST WATCH OUR SCHOOLS.
·  KCK will serve as a hub for expanded PP grassroots organizing

· “Transgender care”
This is a relatively new area for PP to expand their evils –
attempting to destroy even an individual’s true common-sense,
God-given sexual identity. This expands the moral-values-void of PP’s
sexual ideology. PP is morally bankrupt. PP activities
further spread their attack on God’s loving plan for mankind.
The result of PP plans – A Continuous Loop of Evil



2. There is still no apparent activity at 1854 Minnesota Ave, the location where PP had entered into a lease which we are told has been cancelled. We retain a trust but verify approach in watching this location for any possible PP activity.
3. PP is behind on their stated plan to open a regional KCK abortion clinic in late summer of 2019.
4. PP recently testified in Ks Senate that they are looking at multiple locations in KCK, possibly within 2 miles of downtown KCK. We know that PP targets the inner cities for locations of their killing centers because the inner cities are typically minority populations as is the case of KCK and KCMO. Black and Hispanic populations tend to abort at three times the rate of other groups. A KCK inner city abortion clinic reaches the inner cities of both KCK and KCMO. With I-70 and I-35 nearby a KCK location will serve as a convenient location to promote abortions regionally across multiple states. Additionally, Missouri has done a great job at passing pro-life laws. The last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri is in St. Louis and it is teetering towards closing. Illinois and Kansas are now key to PP plans to offer abortions to Missouri residents.



Stop PP in KCK plans

5. We continue to respectfully request Mayor David Alvey and the UG Commissioners to publicly state that they are opposed to PP opening a clinic in KCK. Moral leadership dictates this but this has not yet occurred. Ron Kelsey has a meeting with Mayor Alvey on Dec 10.

6. Students for Life has recently presented to the UG nearly 600 petitions opposing PP in KCK signed by students of Benedictine College, K-State and St. James Academy. Let’s encourage our area schools including Ward High School and Donnelly College to join in this effort.

7. We continue to promote awareness to the greater KC community of PP plans in KCK. We must engage the public to stand in opposition to the evils of PP!!

8. We must do everything legally possible to oppose PP plans in KCK including promoting enforcement of existing local ordinances and proposing new ordinances.

9. In addition to opposing PP, Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic (KCPC) has been created to establish a location in the central core area of KCK in the same area as identified by PP, serving the inner cities of KCK and KCMO with life-affirming services to women and families faced with unplanned pregnancies. Fundraising efforts are currently underway to open this pregnancy clinic as soon as possible. Donations may be made at www.KCpregnancyclinic.org/donate.

Two sides of the same coin

10.  We should pray for all involved with PP as Jesus calls us to do. Prayer is essential in this spiritual battle. Please include praying specifically for Dr. Brandon Hill, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains; Rachel Sweet, Regional Director, Public Policy & Organizing for PPGP Votes; and Leslie Butsch, an organizer for PP Great Plains Votes. Pray that they will have a conversion of heart and cease their efforts to establish a PP location in KCK. Let us also pray for the demise of PP.

God in Your infinite mercy, please let us be Your instruments to expose Planned Parenthood.

Jesus tells us to ask and we will receive, seek and we will find, knock and the door will be opened….                      

In faith we ask for the demise of Planned Parenthood and conversion of heart of all who are associated with it.

In hope we seek for the truth to expose the lies of Planned Parenthood.
In love we knock upon the door of justice that it may be opened to the unborn, the youth, the poor, the families and all who are oppressed by the evils of Planned Parenthood.
The Body of Christ must come together to fight the expansion of PP’s Continuous Loop of Evil. This is our opportunity to be pro-active in stopping this evil rather than be only be reactive after a PP KCK regional abortion clinic has been established.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
As Christians we must not keep our light under a bushel basket. Luke 11:33-36
Will we suffer insults and persecutions by letting our light shine? YES!! But we must not be timid; rather we must be counter cultural as was Jesus. And we should be joyful because Jesus tells us… “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”
Matthew 5:11-12

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