Huh? Moments” from Elizabeth Warren

IMG_6036Scrolling through Facebook most days is a time drain but every now and then you happen upon a gem that makes you stop and say, “huh”?  I recently experienced a “huh? moment” seeing a Jimmy Fallon clip from earlier this month.  His guest was Elizabeth Warren so that in itself piqued my interest.  They were playing a game called Curveball whereby the guest is asked random questions in rapid succession.  Elizabeth Warren was spouting her candidacy dogma about cleaning up corruption, the environment and prescription drug pricing when she was hit with the Curveball question about Baby Yoda.  For those who need a primer on Baby Yoda, it is a character on the Mandalorian, the newest live action series on Disney+.   I have provided a link to her comments below.  Suffice it to say that she thinks babies are cute  — except the ones whose heartbeats she’s OK with stopping up to the ninth month of a pregnancy.

Before she reveals her answer to the Baby Yoda question though, note how she is concerned with mining and drilling on federal lands stating “We’ve got to protect our environment”.  If only she was as passionate about protecting a child’s life.

I just have to wonder if she ever actually hears herself and how the juxtaposition of her statements creates the image of a candidate who says she cares but actually doesn’t.  More “huh? moments” to come leading up to November 2020.


Here’s a link to the the video:


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