Pro-Lifers Attend Annual Peace in the Womb and Christmas Caroling at Warminster Planned Parenthood


Warminster Peace in WombChristmas Caroling at Peace in the Womb Event, December 13, 2019, Warminster Planned Parenthood 

On Friday morning in near freezing temperatures, 35 pro-lifers gathered in front of Warminster Planned Parenthood.  They came to the annual Peace in the Womb event to  observe the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and pray for an end to abortion.

Sandy Slater, president of Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, began the event by introducing Pastor Chuck Wilson of New Hope Community Church.

Pastor Chuck Wilson
Pastor Chuck Wilson, New Hope Community Church

Pastor Chuck opened with a prayer followed by a powerful, encouraging message.  He spoke about the importance of intercessory prayer in defeating abortion, especially at abortion sites. He mentioned the impact the movie Unplanned had on changing hearts and minds about the killing of unborn babies . Prayer warriors standing in front of abortion sites has resulted in many women choosing life for their babies. He also shared the satanic influence that is behind the abortion industry.  Pastor Wilson stressed that our presence and prayers are essential in defeating the evil of abortion.

Christmas Caroling brought to mind the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth: a miraculous ‘unexpected’ pregnancy, Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, angels announcing the Savior’s birth to shepherds, the joy and holiness of that silent night.  Singing these joyful hymns about the sacred birth of Jesus was in sharp contrast to the evil of killing unborn babies taking place inside Warminster Planned Parenthood.

Longtime pro-lifer, Patrick Stanton, spoke about the importance of our presence and prayers at Warminster Planned Parenthood.  His late father, John Stanton, was known as the father of the pro-life movement in Southeast Pennsylvania.  Patrick shared the great need for intercessors and sidewalk counselors at two abortion sites in center city Philadelphia.  Mike McMonagle of the Pro-Life Coalition of PA urged everyone to become informed about pending legislation on pro-life issues.

Participants were invited for refreshments and fellowship at the VFW Hall following the close of the program.  This event was sponsored locally by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition  and nationally by the Pro-Life Action League.

Another Peace in the Womb event took place at Planned Parenthood at Comly Road and Roosevelt Blvd. in NE Philly on Saturday, November 14th. They stood in the rain as they prayed and sang Christmas Carols in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Anita Flynn, Voices for Life blogger, reported there were 21 pro-lifers who participated.

Below are photos of the gathering and a sign with a powerful pro-life message.

Comly Road Peace in Womb 2Comly Road Peace in Womb

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