Urgent Need for Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic to Open ASAP

The following is a message from Ron Kelsey, President, Planned Parenthood Exposed on the need to open a pregnancy help center in Kansas City, Kansas. Please read the post below to find out how you can help them with this endeavor. 

PP Targets

As we continue to aggressively continue to Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK there is also an urgent need to open Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic ASAP because lives of unborn babies are more significantly threatened with Planned Parenthood (PP) plans to open a regional abortion clinic in KCK. This regional abortion clinic especially targets the inner cities of KCK and KCMO because of their significant minority populations which we all know are areas that PP often locates their killing centers.

One of the more successful strategies of the pro-life movement has been to locate pregnancy clinics in the same area as abortion clinics. Historically, we have seen this strategy used in KCK. Specifically, there was a pregnancy clinic in he same area as the former KCK abortion clinic near 7th & Central. This pregnancy clinic closed in 2014 after the closure of the KCK abortion clinic.

The PP regional abortion clinic will be located near I-70 and I-35. Combine this central location with the wild, wild, west landscape for abortions that now exists in Kansas with the recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling that incoherently found a “right to abortion” in the Kansas state constitution and PP finds KCK to be an ideal location for a regional abortion clinic. According to PP this clinic will also serve as a hub for PP s_x education and PP is early in its new efforts to set up “reproductive health centers” in high schools. Our children, born and unborn are the intended targets/victims of PP.

With the planned PP regional abortion clinic in KCK there is again a need for a pregnancy clinic located in the same area. So, Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic (KCPC) has been started. KCPC was named such that it could readily market to the inner cities of both KCK and KCMO.

KCPC is well on its way to opening. The governing board of KCPC is now constituted. Being transparent, I am serving as the KCPC board president. Once adequate funds have been raised KCPC will locate within the Mercy and Truth building at 721 N. 31st St. Dr. Brendan Mitchell has graciously agreed to volunteer as the KCPC medical director. Dr. Mitchell is well known to the KCK community having served thousands of KCK pregnant women. Donna Kelsey, who served as the Executive Director for Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic for eleven years, has volunteered as the KCPC interim executive director. All that remains is to raise adequate monies to open.

Currently, KCPC has raised $45,000 in cash and pledges towards its goal of $100,000. Please consider making a donation and/or pledge to help KCPC reach its goal and then open. You may mail your donation/pledge to:

Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic
10940 Parallel Parkway Suite 307
Kansas City, Ks 66109

You may also make an on-line donation by going to: www.KCpregnancyclinic.org/donate 

Your help is needed!!


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