Storing up Treasures in Heaven

The following is an email I received from Kathy Cox, President of the Bucks County Right to Life.  I’m posting it here, with permission,  to give encouragement to everyone.  I think we’ve all felt discouraged at times and it’s nice to have a reminder of what we have accomplished  now and then.  We will never truly know the extent of our pro-life efforts until our time here on earth is completed and we meet the Lord, but Father McKale’s words at the end of this post reassure us that our efforts are not in vain.  By our on-going determination to end abortion in our land, we are indeed building up our treasures in God’s heavenly realm. 


From time to time I wonder if our activism is making progress or if we are just spinning our wheels because in spite of our optimism and hard work we never seem to win the fight once and for all.

I was present at the Mass of the Holy Innocents on Saturday morning. Many of you were there too. Father McKale gave such a profound Homily I wondered how I could ever doubt what we are doing is bearing fruit. I don’t know his exact words but he said what we do does matter whether is it praying in front of the abortion clinic, marching in Washington DC to protest abortion or our private prayers.

Then I thought of all the Rummage Sale fundraisers, Baby Bottle Drives, Diaper Drives, Baby Showers, Baby Bundles and more we have participated in for many years and thought to myself, all the money will help save babies and the diapers went to babies who were saved from abortion because of our efforts. We have won many battles! Then Father’s last sentence of his Homily hit me and it all clicked. He shared it with me and I am sending it along to you. Let us always remember this!

Our commitment to human life matters eternally, because some lives will be lived only because our voice at the decisive moment for a young mother made them possible.

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