Global Message of Hope

SaveALifeNadia Gordynsky is the President of Save a Life International and her story is an interesting one.  Raised in the Ukraine and now living in the United States, she has made it her mission to create life centers throughout the Ukraine, Poland and now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  These centers not only support women who choose life instead of abortion but also provide post-abortion healing through counseling.

In 1920 The Soviet Union became the first country to legalize abortion resulting in abortion being engrained in the Russian culture.  Nadia and her teams are working to change that conversation through the Save A Life International’s Learn to Earn programs, Young Mom Camps and home visits.

The Save A Life teams also reach out within local communities through schools, hospitals and the medical community to bring messages of hope and life to young women.

The center in Philadelphia, PA is the first in the U.S. and is directing assistance to the large Russian population within Northeast Philadelphia.

To learn more about the dedicated work this organization provides, visit the Save a Life website and Facebook page.  For those who live in the Philadelphia area, Nadia is a scheduled speaker –  as is Emily Welfield –  at the Northeast Philadelphia Stand Up for Life Rally on Sunday, January 26th, 2:30 PM at St. Katherine of Siena Church, 9700 Frankford Avenue.    Both women will inspire you with their personal stories of involvement in the pro-life movement.

Abortion is a worldwide sadness but it is encouraging to see how the message of support and hope is available to young mothers all around the world.  We just need to keep spreading this message and strong women such as Nadia and Emily are helping us to do just that!

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