Governor Murphy Signs Bill To Force NJ Taxpayers to Subsidize Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire

The following  is a press release from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life, on Governor Murphy signing Bill A5802/S4103 into law adding $9.5 Million in Taxpayer Money to Partisan, Political Organizations, in particularly Planned Parenthood.  



The signing of A5802 last week is a disgraceful money grab by the Majority Party and Governor which will use our tax dollars to circumvent federal law to repay and subsidize a private, non- profit organization who financially supports them at election time.

A5802 will allocate $9.5 Million from the general fund, which is money generated by NJ taxpayers, exclusively to NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates to replace funds they will not be receiving from the Federal Title X Program because they refused to comply with new rules requiring Title X family planning recipients to physically and financially separate their abortion business from their family planning services.

The taxpayers of NJ should not be forced to fund abortion – and make no mistake – that is what this bill will do. Abortion is not healthcare. It is an act of violence that that wounds countless women and brutally and painfully takes the lives of so many innocent children. Poll after poll show that regardless of an individual’s position on this issue, the majority do not want their tax dollars used to fund abortion. That is surely why the majority party and Governor will not seek voter approval on these measures, but instead have sought to act in an autocratic manner to oppress the will of the people.

Presently, no other family planning providers in NJ have announced their refusal to comply besides Planned Parenthood. $10.5 Million in state taxpayer funds was previously allocated in the FY 2020 state budget this past June for NJ Family Planning providers, the bulk of which will be disbursed to the 22 NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates that dominate the League of providers. Bill A5802 will now add another $9.5 Million to that amount.

During the years NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates were not receiving state taxpayer funds, their Annual Reports showed that the entity was more than able to raise its own funds.

According to their 2016 IRS 990 Financial Report which is the most recent report publicly available, Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey’s total revenue including private contributions was $30.5 Million dollars. Their employee salaries totaled $14.9 Million dollars. Their net income after expenses was $4.2 Million.

It is a misnomer to suggest that women will not be able to get their full breadth of health services anywhere but Planned Parenthood. In fact, there are over 100 Federally Qualified Health Centers in NJ which provide a full range of essential health care services to primarily disadvantaged populations. These services include mammogram screenings, prenatal care and a host of other comprehensive health services, including transportation, which Planned Parenthood does not provide.

2 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Signs Bill To Force NJ Taxpayers to Subsidize Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire

  1. Anthony January 8, 2020 / 3:37 pm

    Absolutely disgraceful.

  2. Claudia Steinmetz January 11, 2020 / 7:15 pm

    Bad enough abortion is legal. But parents and all taxpayers should not be held accountable for bad behavior. If a boy and girl or man and a women have sex they need to know about how to PREVENT IT BY NOW. NOT. HOW TO KILL THE PRODUCT OF THEIR PURE LUST AND SINFUL WAYS. IN THE MEAN TIME NOT MAKE IT AVALIBLE PAID FOR THEM BY US WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN SUCH ATROCITY TO PAY FOR IN THRU OUR TAXES. IF THEY WANT ABORTION LET THEM PAY THEIR OWN WAY. NO MATTER where they go. Anned parenthood is a false name for this business there is no planing only babies being killed very painfully. And also they charge for this killing. So let the girl feel the pinch maybe she will learn something. For real. Like using the word. NO.

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