Pennsylvania Abortion 2018 Statistics: Good News and Bad News


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Dear Friends for Life:

Below is an informative message from long-time Southeast PA pro-life warrior/leader, Ted Meehan.  The link to the PA Abortion Statistics for 2018 follows his remarks on the report.


Hot off the press! The 2018 PA Abortion statistics. The good news is that they are down about 10 percent from 2017. The bad news is that today almost half of abortions are Chemical Abortions. These are difficult to track without data. We find out numbers after they are reported. Delaware County has gone from less than 20 abortions in 2014 to over 1,300 in 2018. These are mostly done at Delaware County Women’s Center – in Chester near the old (now closed) RHCC. We need to work on maintaining a prayerful presence here and handing out contact info for Abortion Pill Reversal.

There is also good data on underage girls in this report that may help us to enforce current mandated reporting (which abortion companies routinely do not do).

So we have work to do! May we succeed in defending and protecting every life that God creates!

Happy New Year!

Ted Meehan

Click here to read complete report on Pennsylvania 2018 abortion statistics.

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