A Tribute to a Pro-life Congressman Gone too Soon from this World

Below is a tribute from Dr. Denise Wilcox for former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who passed away on Monday, January 6th.  

While there have been some wonderful eulogies for Mike this past week, I asked Denise for this tribute as she was a close, personal  friend of Mike and his family.  

Mike Fitzpatrick

I have been thinking for days since the passing of Mike Fitzpatrick of words that I could say that would be enough to honor his memory.

He was my friend.  He was compassionate; he cared.  His support for the unborn never wavered.  He asked for my support and he promised to always vote pro-life.  He kept his promises.

Mike was like no other politician.  He spoke softly and directly.  He always looked at you when he spoke and he always meant what he said.

Mike came to every Eagle Scout ceremony and was always proud to be there. He gave the impression that he could fit many more hours into a day than what there were.  It seemed that he had the ability to stretch time.  He may have lived only 56 years, but he fit 100 years of living into those 56 years.

At Mike’s funeral, I mentioned to his wife, Kathleen, that my husband and I agree that a light went out when Mike passed.  She remarked, “Then we must be that light for Mike“. And we must!

On January 24th when we march in DC, we can all remember Mike, and carry his light to everyone in the pro-life movement.

“When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I’ve often thought, as Fulton Sheen wrote, that it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates, you are there alone standing before God — and a terror will rip your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there’ll be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world — and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, ‘Spare him, because he loved us!'” Congressman Henry Hyde


Dr. Wilcox is a Board Member of  Pennsylvanians for Human Life and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation as well as the Pennsylvania Director to the National Right to Life. She is also the Chairperson for the Respect Life Ministry of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania. 

Donations in Mike’s memory can be made to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.  Use this link for more information on this organization and to find out how to make a contribution. 

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  1. Anne Krahn January 15, 2020 / 2:26 pm

    Thank you Dr Wilcox, what beautiful thoughts you put into words. Mike was truly a remarkable man and champion for the unborn.

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