Local High Students Attend Summit Hosted by Students for Life of America

Through the efforts of Steve Bozza, Director of the Life and Family Office for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, eighty students from various archdiocesan high schools in the Philadelphia area had the opportunity to attend the largest pro-life summit in the nation held the day after the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

During the summit, students had the opportunity to meet fellow 2,920 attendees from all across the United States. It was a day filled with networking, meeting and greeting speakers, and learning how to build a culture of life in their community and their school. It was filled with seasoned members of pro-life clubs and even those looking to help their newly formed groups to be better equipped.

For Maggie Elmers and Noah Brady, both juniors at Bishop Shanahan High School, it was a thrill of a lifetime. Both are active in their school’s pro-life club. Maggie was attending both the March and Summit for the first time. Noah attended his 3rd March in a row and hist first summit

“I’ve learned so much to advocate for life with the help of meeting like-minded people” Maggie shared.

“I threw myself out there when I was a freshman,” Noah recalled. And it has “paid off bigtime”.

For Brianna Ernst, a student at St. Hubert’s, she was thankful to be attending the events of the weekend with her sister and fellow classmates from the high school while meeting fellow students and extraordinary pro-lifers near and far.

Next year, they hope that their numbers will double in attendance at both the March for Life and the annual Summit.

If you are a high school student in the Philadelphia area and would like to get more involved in the pro-life movement, please contact Liana Hollendonner at lhollendonner@studentsforlife.org to learn how you can take that first step.

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