A Virtual Adoption Using Sprout

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is using the Sprout app for a virtual adoption to follow the journey of a pregnancy from conception until birth.  They are now in week 4 of this journey.  This is a great way to show others the humanity of the unborn.  
Watch as the Federation journeys through pregnancy using the amazing app Sprout. Conceived on January 22, our virtual baby will be due in October. Sprout can be a powerful pro-life teaching tool because it uses incredible life-like graphics, even allowing you to hear, feel, and see baby’s heart beat!
4 weeks
Week 4: At the moment of conception, a unique and unrepeatable person comes into existence with its own DNA, making it distinct from mother. In this stage of life, a zygote develops into a small collection of cells and about just a day or two later enters the blastocyst stage. Once implanted in the uterus, this life becomes an embryo and begins to produce hormones that may register on a pregnancy test.

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