Update on Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Kansas

Below is an update from Ron Kelsy, President of Planned Parenthood Exposed on Planned Parenthood’s attempt to open an abortuary in or near Kansas City.  You can find actions you can take by visiting their website: https://www.plannedparenthoodexposed.org/

PP Targets


There are no obvious signs yet of where PP is planning on locating in the central core of KCK. All we know is that they have publicly stated that they are evaluating several locations. WE MUST STAY VIGILANT.

We continue to maintain our trust but verify approach to the first location where they reportedly had a lease – 1854 Minnesota Ave – which was terminated. There are no signs of any remodeling activity there.

As we stay vigilant let us take this opportunity to increase the public knowledge of PP plans in KCK. Below is the flier that they promoted last year. Note that they failed in their plan to open in late summer last year. Praise God!

PP flyer

We are all aware of their abortion focus and their current fight to prevent an amendment to the Kansas constitution to reverse the Ks Supreme Court ruling last year but many are not aware of their plans for s?x education. We will begin to educate the public on this in future e-newsletters.

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